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Internet Valuation

RRP $766.99

The 1990s saw a rapid rise in the proportion of market value represented by Internet companies. At the peak of the market, the value of US internet stocks alone exceeded $2 trillion, making these stocks nearly as valuable as the entire UK market. However, since March 2000 many internet stock values have declined precipitately. This book establishes a robust cashflow based methodology for internet valuation in relation to strategic issues, and includes compelling and topical case studies of leading players including and NTT DoCoMo.

Password Journal (a Diary For Internet Login Security)

RRP $13.99

Never forget your passwords again with this handy little Password Journal This diary for Internet Security gives you a convenient place for you to safely store all your passwords and login information. This log-book is a proper size so that you can stick it with your notebook computer, tablet, desktop, or any other device you may be using. This diary allows you to write the site address (like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Geico, E-trade, Amazon, etc) and then write your password and the date you made it. This way, you will be able to see when it's time to update your password. Also, there is room for notes (which could be useful for back-up security questions or more). Trust me, I know that it is becoming more complicated to keep track of everything. This book should eliminate some of that headache. Also, for quick reference there is an editable Table of Contents where you fill in the Site Name and Page Number. With this handy Password Journal you will never be stuck scratching your head while racking your brain for passwords that just aren't used often. Simplify your Internet life with this pass-code diary.

Synchronizing Internet Protocol Security (sipsec)

RRP $316.00

The open design of the Internet has not only opened many new opp- tunities for communications, but it has also opened many new avenues for attackers against organisations network and computing resources. This book is a critical investigation of the Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) based on combination of theoretical investigation and practical implementation, which provides an in-depth understanding of the IPSec framework. The bene?ts of IPSec were exploited while the delimiting factors cannot be ignored. Infor- tion security has become a major concern in recent times as more and more computers are being connected to the global Internet. With so much data tra- ferring over public networks, the risk of sensitive information has increased exponentially and the increase of Internet hosts continuously requires ad- tional security support. The IPSec may be used in three different security - mains: Virtual private networks, Application-level security, and Routing se- rity. It comprises of suite of protocols, which are developed to ensure that the integrity, con?dentiality and authentication of data communications over an IP network. The IPSec is predominately used in virtual private networks (VPNs). But when used in application-level security or routing security, the IPSec is not a complete solution and must be coupled with other security measures to be effective. As with other security systems, poor maintenance can easily lead to a critical system failure.


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